• I loved you…

    by  • June 28, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    I was 19 and heart-broken. You took advantage of me. I was naive and needed someone. You were there and made me laugh, a lot. You were so charming and knew just what to say all the time.

    We kissed and you cooked for me. I liked you a lot. We drank and drank and kissed more. You took complete advantage of me. You made me believe things that weren’t true, even though you weren’t saying them. You always had a way of keeping the lines blurry but never letting me get away.

    You would break my heart and somehow make me believe it was just me thinking it was always more than it really was. It was always my fault I was hurting. Was it more? I was always honest with you and told you how I felt. That would make you run but you never fully let me go.

    Why didn’t you just let me go once you knew I loved you? You had your chance to get away. I cut ties with you. I finally told you to go away forever because I loved you and you didn’t want what I wanted. This made you come back to me and tell me you wanted more. It wasn’t long before you fell back into the same routine as before.

    I found someone else. Someone better. Someone who loved me back and never took my love for granted. Someone who loved every single thing about me. He will be my husband and I am so glad you never got that chance now.

    I just have one question for you: did you ever love me?

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