• I don’t blame you

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    Dear D

    I don’t blame you but I don’t blame myself either. You were my best friend and I really cared about you a lot and I thought you felt the same way. We were perfect for a while you and I. We had our inside jokes, and always laughed together. I am sorry I had a boyfriend and the timing with us was never right. I know you hated me for choosing him over you, for loving him over you. I know we don’t talk the way we use to, or laugh like we once did. We don’t talk on the phone until 3 am anymore and I don’t blame you. You needed to get over me, and I needed to stop relying on you all the time. I know maybe sometimes I used you for emotional support and sometimes I let you get to close to me. I know where I fucked up but do you know where you did.

    You’re not the only one who got hurt. I lost my best friend. You said I meant the world to you but if that was really true then why did you give up so fast? You put me in an impossible situation and then walked away when it didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Sometimes I think that you chased after me hoping that I would become on of your trophies. You never liked to loss but guess what you did. You lost me. I am not sorry that I loved someone else because you could never love selflessly. You would make a terrible boyfriend but you did make a great friend. I am sorry I lost that guy, the one who was a friend.

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