• Argument #1

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    I never really forgave you for that time you forgot I had feelings because another girl was giving you attention.

    You can’t stand that I can’t get over it and keep bringing it up years later.

    I’m afraid it will happen again, and I wanted you to reassure me that it won’t.

    You don’t see the need to reassure me now since you already tried that once in the past, and I forgot.

    I don’t think it would have cost you anything to remind me.

    You think I have no reason to I mistrust you when you haven’t repeated the mistake since.

    I think the only reason it hasn’t happened is because you’ve never been in that situation again.

    You think I don’t give you the benefit of the doubt.

    It’s true, I don’t, maybe because I’m reluctant to expect one thing from you and experience the other.

    You think your error was being too honest with me about how much you enjoyed her attention.

    I think you use honesty as an excuse for insensitivity.

    You think I’m oversensitive.

    I never wanted you to try to defend her, saying she’s like that with everyone.

    You wish I didn’t treat this like it’s your problem to fix.

    I wish you didn’t act like you were innocent…sure you didn’t do anything, but you didn’t try to stop her either.

    You say it’s because you didn’t want to make a scene.

    I say it’s because my feelings were less important to you than your ego.

    You think I should never bring it up again.

    I think there’s no point in trying to tell you about it when all you’re going to do is get angry about it.

    You think it’s fine to call me names when you’re angry.

    I’m mistrustful and disappointed.

    You’re disgruntled and tempermental.

    We just don’t see eye to eye on this at all.

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