• You will never be my best friend again

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    Dear Sandy,

    If you ever find this post somehow, this is the only explanation I provide for ending our friendship. For six years, I had never truly felt like your best friend. You were a manipulative, guilt-tripping, judgmental, selfish, ignorant b-tch. Over the years, I have grown to hate you deep inside, but I would put my happy face on when I’m with you. I’m tired of being used by you. Even though you aren’t as bad as you were back in high school, you’re still a bad friend. Yeah, we’ll have our good times, but those times seem fake to me now. I wasted so much time and energy on you… you are the most selfish person I have ever met. I don’t know why I ever stayed with you for so long. Every time we hung out together or rode on the bus to school together- I felt so tense and uncomfortable being next to you. Why? Because I was scared of you. You were never happy for me. You were always complaining about me. You never understood how I felt when we would have arguments, all you cared was who could make the meanest comeback. You would brush off my feelings like it was nothing and expect me to cheer you up the next day. Sometimes you thought I was yelling at you for no reason… I could only take that much pressure until I finally explode on you. Also, I don’t like that you sexually violated me and pretended that it was all a joke. I told you how I felt and you told me you couldn’t believe I didn’t get over it yet. I will never forget this traumatic incident. I always treated you like a real true friend, you were my top priority, and I felt that you were a very special friend to me.

    Ugh, enough with this! I could write a whole book about you, but I’ll let you think about what went wrong yourself. I am so glad I broke off this toxic friendship. Sure, from time to time we would have fights, but this time it’s for real. You even messaged me a few days ago that you never thought I would ignore you for this long. Now that I haven’t talked to you for four months, I feel like a much better and relieved person. I feel that I can accomplish anything that you said I wouldn’t be able to do. I… I FEEL SO FREE! Every time you messaged me saying you’re sorry and that you will never find another “best friend” like me- I think you’re just lonely. I never believed a word you said. Sometimes I do miss you because of the good times that we had, but then I’ll think back on all the negatives about you. Nothing positive ever comes out of your mouth.

    I hate you so much. EVERY SINGLE TIME we had a fight before, you would say, “If I’m such a horrible friend then don’t be my friend”. Your wish is granted, b-tch. You will NEVER be my friend again. You don’t deserve my friendship. It’s over… it’s time to move on now.

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