• You Have My Atoms! Or, Why its the Big Bang’s Fault that I Love You. Or, a Romantic’s Account of the Start of the Universe.

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    I’m glad I finally met you again. I really want to stress the word “finally” in that last sentence because I don’t think you know how long I’ve been looking for you. It’s taken me 13.7 billion years to find you after we departed ways eons ago.

    To be honest, in the beginning, meeting you wasn’t on my agenda. Hell, for most of our time in the beginning we weren’t even in one piece. We both existed as an immeasurable amount of particles floating around space. But we weren’t always separated. If you remember we did spend a lot of time together in the singularity. But then, BOOM. A big explosion sent us flying away from one another. Sure, a couple of particles of you came with me just as a few particles of me went with you. But the majority of us went in opposite directions.

    As we traveled the vast expanses of space we started to change. We did our own thing for a long while. We did a lot of hooking up with other particles. But those were fleeting romances. I drifted and saw things on a side of the universe you’ve never seen. You drifted and saw wondrous things on the other side of the universe that I’ve never seen. The time apart was great.

    But then several billion years ago something happened. Quite remarkably, we somehow ended up on a chaotic, fledgling planet together. This was the closest we’d been to one another in billions of years. This is when I realized that you still had some of me with you. Furthermore I realized that explains why since leaving you I hadn’t felt right. Parts of me were missing. Unfortunately, we evolved so much I could no longer recognize you. But there was hope! A great author once said, “hope is born at the same time as love.” So I guess there has always been hope. I hoped that over time maybe I could compile and structure my remaining molecules into a form where I might be able to recognize you. So I did. 21 years ago I succeeded and I set out to find you. I equipped myself with sensory organs to detect your unique, beautiful chemical signature. My search ended 2 years ago.

    But how did I recognize you? After all, we weren’t the only ones hanging out in the singularity. Well, because I can feel the chemical reactions going on in this shell of a body I have donned when I am near you. You send signals to my body that physically influence the most basic, microscopic units of matter. You influence them in such a way that my body knows it is whole again. That is why why I don’t feel whole when I’m not with you. You took some of me with you at the moment of that massive explosion. You have my atoms. But that’s okay! You can keep them for a while.

    For many, many years before the big bang I was whole. But I never appreciated that at the time. It was only when I was no longer whole that I realized how amazing being whole was! So it’s okay if you keep my atoms. It reminds me how great it feels to be whole again.

    Now, for a while I know you felt the same way in regards to me. We complemented one another perfectly. But then something happened. I lost your atoms. I didn’t make you feel whole anymore. So you went back to traveling. But you forgot you still had some of me! Again, I was lost. I even forgot that I knew what it was I was looking for and where to find it. I spent months thinking, “It will never happen with you again.”

    2 days ago I realized how stupid that thought was. I know what I need to do:

    I am off to look for your atoms.

    — B.

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    1. anonymous
      July 31, 2011 at 12:50 pm

      This is brilliant. Go find her atoms. She might not know it but she’s waiting for her atoms, that are with you, too. I’m so glad I know where my lost atoms are. And that they are safe…

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