• TO whom it may concern,

    by  • June 27, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Closure • 0 Comments

    you were my first boyfriend but not my first love.
    You were my first kiss but that wasn’t enough.
    You had more experience and you just didn’t want to wait.
    Thank God I got out without giving you everything.
    You would make fun of me if my hair didn’t look great.
    You made me feel bad about how I looked just when I was feeling good about myself.
    That was the problem you didn’t let me make my own friends.
    I had only you and your friends, I felt like no one liked me.
    As soon as we were over I had so many friends who actually were their.

    You went on and got a new girlfriend and I am happy with being alone.
    I get to flirt and have fun doing what I want.
    But the most important thing I learned from us is that I will never let anyone else treat me the way you did.
    Alienating me and putting me down was just wrong but I am writing this to say I forgive you for all of the shit that I didn’t even notice till to late.
    I am moving on and I will always remember you but not in all good light.
    All of the ways you treated me and everyone else in that disrespectful manner well it is just something I needed to learn.

    In close thanks for making me stronger.

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