• To Keep Them Or Just Walk Away

    by  • June 27, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Friends • 0 Comments

    Dear Friends (aka two individuals we will call you Sara and Jim),

    I would like to officially tell you that you pissed me off. And I know, that I have started to speak to both of you again. I am still unhappy with this friendship. Hell, I even talked to you Sara about it and you did not own up to what you did. I mean I am used to you guys joking around and teasing me, but honestly the other night I couldn’t handle it. And you didn’t care. I also didn’t like it when you pretty much blamed me on missing out on activities and stuff I wanted to do with you guys because I hung out with my family (who I hadn’t seen for a couple of weeks). Even though I told you guys this weeks before and you did all of this stuff on the spare of the minute thing. Which happens all the time. I am frustrated with you because I explained to you about why I am upset and you dismissed my point of view. It honestly feels like it doesn’t matter what I feel. Oh, and telling people that I was pissed off at you is not a smart idea. It gets back to me.

    On to Jim. Jim you haven’t realized this but keeping a friendship with you has been tough for me. Let’s be honest here, I admitted to you that I liked you and you said you liked me too. And you were so excited to see where it could go because we were good friends and we had the same best friend and we had the same group of friends. Then the next day you told me you couldn’t date me because if things went wrong, it would ruin not only our friendship, but your other friendships (though you once told me you dated a close friend and this happened). However, this whole flirting thing and everyone being able to tell we like each is driving me insane. You push my boundaries and you act like nothing is different. Which doesn’t help when I am trying to get over you. I was fine at the end of school, but then summer started and I pretty much have seen you every day and those feelings came back. I am getting over you slowly, but it is hard I even get jealous and I hate it. I wish I could find someone. So, you piss me off on a weekly occurrence by pushing my buttons because you don’t see boundaries with me you just see your friend. And last week was bad enough, but you both had to keep teasing me and pushing my buttons.

    Honestly, people have told me I should stop talking to both of you. Hell even our best friends told me to ignore both of you! And yeah I make act like I am super strong, but last week was a week where I was waiting to break, simply have a break down. Almost did a couple of times, some how made it through. And, I know I don’t want to give up on this friendship. But, if this keeps happening I might just say nothing and completely walk away. I can do it and have done it. Does it really matter since you both will only be here for one more year?

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