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    You should know:

    I am so grateful to have met you. Thank you for wasting time with me, thank you for keeping me by your side, even for just that little while. I’m sorry if I don’t fall into your category of the “perfect girl”. I can’t change who I am or how I feel. I tried so hard to make us work, I gave you all I had left. But I’m so thankful to have had you at all. I know your heart was and never will be there, not the way mine is.

    It’s okay though, someday I will be loved by someone. And someday you will love someone. I wish you the best, knowing full well that girl isn’t and will never me. Thanks for trying but I hope you try harder with her. I hope you understand that you can’t replace affection and attention with wild guesses and the occasional text. When she’s lonely, please be there for her. Please treat her with respect. When she cries, please kiss her better. Please DON’T be the reason this one cries, please be the reason she smiles. Don’t rely on words alone, SHOW her you care and most importantly, please don’t treat her the way you’ve treated me, she deserves better than that.

    You don’t get in a relationship to kill loneliness, you get in a relationship because that person is the person you want to spend all time with, that person is the one you’ve never spent enough time with. You think of them, you worry about them, you sleep better because your dreams are infected with them. That’s love, that’s caring. That’s knowing you want to be with someone.

    Take her out; be spontaneously romantic, let her choose what to watch on a lazy day, put her before your XBOX or a night with the guys. Let her know what she means to you.

    Remember a girl is beautiful because of WHO she is not WHAT she looks like, if you don’t realize that, she won’t be happy and she won’t stay. Love her for who she is, not who YOU want her to be. She is worth so much more than that. When she smiles, tell her she’s beautiful, when she cries…tell her she’s beautiful. Telling a girl she’s ugly when she pouts is beyond cruel. If you care about her, you wouldn’t say those things that make her cry. DON’T take her for granted, she’s beautiful and she’s yours, you should treat her with great care and love.

    I hope she doesn’t have to cry herself to sleep because she knows she’s been lead on for the last 8 months because you don’t know what you want. I hope you make her happy. She deserves that, please, please treat her right.

    And even though I love you with all my heart and even though I can’t stop my own tears, I really and truly hope that you find someone that you can love and you can show that to her. If you don’t, you’ll be alone. And I can’t bear the idea of you being unhappy… So for once, please, please listen to me.

    This isn’t just for you, but also, some advice for other men out there—Please, make that girl happy. She loves you, show her you love her back.

    Good luck and love, from a girlfriend with a broken heart,

    – Aoi. x

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    1. Ray
      June 27, 2011 at 6:47 pm

      I feel the exact way about a boy myself, and reading this made me cry, because i understand the way it feels to hope he ends up happy even when it kills you to know it wont be with you. Just remember you are loved, you may not think so, and who am i to tell you that, but because you are alive, i love you. so keep going, it will get better.

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