• Remember Who You Are!

    by  • June 27, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Advice • 0 Comments

    I’m writing this to anyone who has felt like they should change for someone or something. I just want to say that you shouldn’t do that. Change only if you feel like it will benefit you. You must do this for yourself if you want to change, not for anyone else or anything.

    I’ve changed a few times – sometimes without noticing and sometimes on purpose. The times I’ve changed on purpose were not for important things. I just want people to understand that you must change for you. I’ve seen so many people change just for a boyfriend or to be a certain weight to be like a Victoria’s Secret model. I absolutely hate it when a girl loses weight because a boyfriend says she’s ugly or that her anorexic neighbor can fit into a double zero pair of jeans. Who cares? Be you! If your boyfriend says you’re ugly, dump his ass. If your neighbor is skin and bones – forget her! If she refuses to get help for this horrible disorder, there is nothing to be done. She’ll die soon, unfortunately if she doesn’t get it under control. If you don’t want to die soon, don’t barf after every meal.

    Never forget who you are!

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