• Maybe I was Confused

    by  • June 27, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    Once upon a time, you were my best friend. You taught me to juggle in the fourth grade, you showed me where the creepy old men lived in the neighborhood where we lived, where we still live. And you showed me how to laugh hysterically and not look stupid. Your mother loves me and your dad, he once told me never to turn my back on you. Standing in the rain has never been the same since I did it with you. And apparently snowball fights are your favorite thing, except you wouldn’t hit me. I’m a girl, you probably noticed. And when your voice was cracking in the seventh grade, it was then I thought, hmm…maybe this could be something. I thought you were oh so cute. And as a thirteen year old, I was crazy about my best friend. Little did we know, you were holding on tighter than we thought. And crazy as it seems, I’m the one not letting go.
    Then we grew up, high school came. And now it’s gone. And I am still so freaking crazy about you. Somewhere between then and now, you disappeared for five and a half months. And I missed you like no other, a little bend in the story came when she decided she loved you. Little did she know, she wasn’t the only girl you were coming home to. And I prayed for you and prayed for you and held on so tightly to God’s truth that you’d be safe and okay. And it shook me to the bone. Then you came home, and I realized that I had lied to myself when I thought I was over and done with you until you walked back into my life faster than you left. And this may all sound fine and dandy, but the point is I’m stuck. I can’t let go of you, and I can’t love anybody else. That’s… scary. That hurts. Maybe this is nothing. Maybe this is something. Maybe you’ve got me closer than you think. Maybe I’m just confused.

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