• Little, darling hearts

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    Dear hearts of everyone who reads this, especially my own-

    Sometimes being a heart is hard, sometimes being a heart means you have to keep pumping blood to every vein and vessel in your body when you no longer want to. Sometimes being a heart means you don’t want to let go of the things you know are bad for you. Sometimes being a heart hurts so bad that all you can do is sit and cry.

    I am telling you right now, sometimes you will have to let go. Even when letting go seems like it’s going to be harder than anything you have ever experienced, even when letting go seems like it will hurt more than not. I am promising you, that if you let go, your heart will stop hurting, but you have to really fully let go.

    Letting go will be hard. Letting go will mean remembering and then accepting and then letting the memories fade. Letting go might mean you have to say good bye, and if you think about it, will saying goodbye really be very different from now? Letting go might cause someone else to be angry, or sad, but if you are sad already, how does your own sadness help them at all. Letting go will probably hurt. Letting go will almost positively change how you have to do things. Letting go, might make them realize that they need you and make them treat you right, might make them worth keeping, but probably not. Letting go will probably leave you alone and lonely for a while.

    If you let go though, you will most likely find your self smiling without trying once again. If you let go, you will be more open to finding someone, something, that you wont have to let go of. If you let go, you will probably be much much happier, despite how much it will hurt.

    You just need to remember one thing. Remember that you are alive. Remember that you have lived and you have loved. Remember that life is beautiful. Remember that although sometimes it rains and it’s terrible, a flower couldn’t grow without that rain. Remember that to really feel good, you must feel really bad first. Remember that you are loved. You may not think it, and you may not feel it, but love is inevitable.

    So please little heart, let go, and let your self live again. Let yourself smile and laugh and love and let your self be you, that’s all you can ever do really.

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    1. Shannon
      July 1, 2011 at 6:19 pm

      Thank you. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I needed. Now I just have to believe in myself & my heart. So thank you for giving me that first push. Thank you.

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