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    We dated for 6 months and knew each other before hand for about a year. When I met you, I immediately fell in love with you. I shared great triumphs and great sorrows with you. I grew and collapsed with you. But? I know with mania and depressive conversation and near points of nervous breakdown, things weren’t easy. And I’m sorry for that. Truly sorry for that. If I had the unreal holy ability to turn back time and change things, I would. And when I hurt you physically the one and only time, I regret every action so forth. But? That action was of impulse. And the action of you rejoining Tom in sexual action, that seems to me of vindictive action. And three times none the less. I don’t know what happened to my dearest Alexandra, but I wish she would have stayed the same. But it’s only wishing as to truly do that is selfish for my own benefit. As you said, a few days past, “…let me do my own thing…”

    And I shall let you do that. If this is true love, we’ll return.
    If not, may we met in the next life.

    Your former lover and unknown soulmate, Dominick John.

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    1. aweed
      June 28, 2011 at 7:49 pm

      If you didn’t hit her she might of stayed Dj, but I have no room to talk. I’m mind blown that I found this, but I’m sure you would be too if you find mine.

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