• Yeah…

    by  • June 26, 2011 • To You • 0 Comments

    What happened to you? What the HELL happened to you? The second he came into your life I lost you.
    You were my best friend, my sister. But not once he showed up.
    I gave it time, I let you be obsessed because I knew and understood this was big for you, new to you. But to tell you the truth, I just knew this would happen…the night you told me he asked you out, I cried my fucking eyes out. I knew exactly what was going to happen. And THANK GOD for my boys, because if they werent there to tell me it was going to be okay, I would have never mustered up the balls to tell you congrats.
    And now we don’t even talked to each other, dont even look at each other, you said you were never going to be like *them* those couples that are grossly obsessed with each other. Always texting and looking at each other and stuff. Yeah I remember that, I also remember you telling me you would be there for me, but really if I called you up right now to tell you how shitty I feel would you even have time to sit and listen,or would *he* be waiting in the background like always?
    I wish I could tell you how it is, I really do. But you would never listen to me. I would look like the bad guy.
    And now I’m just rambling on about this shit, I know I should talk to you. But what can I say? It seems like things will never be the same. Just know that when this ends, I might not be there as your shoulder to cry on. And for future reference, you arent you when you’re with him. I hate who you’ve become…but I could never tell you.

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