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    I constantly ask myself why. Why did you do this to me? Why do I still feel so connected to you? And why in the hell can’t I move on? It started off as us just being friends and I told everyone I knew, you were like my brother never would I have thought I would be sitting here today crying over you because you broke my heart. We dated and everything was great I fell madly in love with you, we moved in together and everything fell apart. The worst thing you did was left me at home alone all night waiting for you, while you were at another girls house. Although you repeadly told me nothing happened. We broke up I moved out. It should of ended there. It didn’t we kept communicating, hooking up, and just hanging out. You told me multiple times how you loved me, you were sorry, and missed me. Then you would turn around and not talk to me for weeks. Making me feel the fool while you played with my emotions. This went on for months, till finally we got back together. I was estatic, couldn’t of been happier. I still loved you. Two months go by and randomly you break up with me again because ” you don’t like the responsibilty of having a girlfriend”. Once again devastated. But do I hate you? No. I still love you with everything I have. Your the only one I feel I really have a connection with. I would do anything for you, even though you have put me through more then I could ever imagine. You build me up and break me down in two seconds flat and I still love you. Please tell me why? Why is it ok for you to do this? Why do we still remain a good relationship? Why? Why? Why? I wish I could just turn my back on you and walk away, because I know I don’t deserve this and I know someone would love to have the opportuninty to treat me right, but I can’t, because I love you and you don’t see it.

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    1. Abi
      June 26, 2011 at 10:49 pm

      I know from experience how you feel. Trust me when i say that crying is a waste. You are beautiful and there is someone else out there who will love you, you just need to find them. Maybe take a break from this guy and give someone else a chance. It will be hard, know that, and it will take time.. but it will be worth it if you can find someone else to love who shares the same feelings as you do.

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