• What If?

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    The first night we met was so magical. It seemed like you wanted to know more about me. I got

    scared and took a long time to call. I used to blame myself for the failed friendship. I kept

    saying “What if?”

    “What if?”
    “What if?”

    I realized that you could have called me too. Could have treated me better. I kept trying to be

    your friend and hoped for more.

    Every once in awhile you would pick me up and we would go for a night on the town. We would ride

    around for hours… or just a few minutes. Tell each other stories and share some laughter.

    Share some memories.

    Even share some pain.

    You would ignore my calls then out of the blue you ring me up. Those times I just wanted to lay

    in the grass next to you. Sometimes I’d dream of rolling on top of you and kissing you…

    Even as I left you said you were so happy that we are friends.

    A few calls and some heart to hearts..

    Then you began to fade away.

    Those days are over and I don’t even know you anymore

    Yet this lingering feeling

    What if?

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    1. Deliliah
      June 26, 2011 at 6:38 pm

      I know how this feels

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