• To All The Dumpies

    by  • June 26, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Advice • 0 Comments

    I know exactly what you are dealing with if you have just been dumped. You probably feel your head could explode any moment and your eyes are probably really puffy from crying. You probably feel sore and empty and anxious on the inside or like the world has just shoved you down and kicked you and laughed at you. The feeling of loss in a relationship is sometimes greater than death. Because dead people are dead and knowing that gives some closure. The person that dumped you isn’t dead though. They are living their lives perfectly fine. They may be right down the street from you. You may work with this person or see them on a regular basis and they just ignore you. This is the same person who held you and kissed you and made you feel safe. This person is someone you confided in and loved and depended on. You and this person share secrets and personal knowledge about each other and that’s suppose to be special right???? Then they just walk by you like you’re complete strangers and nobody can really understand or help you when you are just dying on the inside. Who can you really turn to? Who can fix you? Nobody. You just have to deal with it and that knowledge makes you feel like you’re drowning. I know because I am dealing with it now. It is going to hurt no matter what you do. You are going to hear their name and feel like you have been kicked in your yahoo. You are going to feel alone in a crowded room just because you miss them. You’re going to smell them sometimes and almost gag on the pain you will feel. You’re going to dream about them as you guys were before the break up and wake up in tears. You are going to listen to the music that reminds you of them or even watch movies. You are gonna go through their facebook photos and stalk them online every day just to see if they might have posted anything related to you. You’re gonna want to pick up your phone and call them and then you’re not gonna know what to say and you’re just gonna break down. The truth is that they have already let go and your holding on just hurts yourself. Let go of them as much as you can and focus on improving your own life. Remember that they broke up with you and honestly it is their loss. You should walk away with your dignity intact and know that you are special and someone ten times better is out there waiting for you. It’s okay if you slip up sometimes but just remember that we can’t change the past. We can only live our lives one day at a time and hope for the best in the future. We can also serve as examples for others who are going through this. Dumpies unite!

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