• Thank you, God.

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    Last summer, when we met, I had a boyfriend and you were single. We met at my best friend’s pool party and you were her boyfriend’s best friend.

    My boyfriend had been decidingly MIA for this pool party, thinking he was too “good” for it. I was pissed off at him that day and thinking that you were pretty hot. You were a year younger than me, but that didn’t stop me from becoming flirty with you.

    All we did was flirt and push eachother into the pool, as stupid, awkward high school kids do. You still bring up the fact that I broke your sillyband as I pulled you into the pool with me.

    My boyfriend found out about our flirt fest and instead of being mad at me, was mad at you and hated you with a burning passion for the next few months. My favorite part of the whole situation was whenever I was with him, you had some sixth sense to text me. The last time that you had texted me last summer, he almost took my phone and tried to bitch you out. I said no.

    Time went on and we stopped talking, I talked myself into disliking you, to appease my boyfriend. Summer ended and rolled into my senior year of high school. I specifically remember the second day, at the end of third hour when my boyfriend was walking me to class. “Guess who’s in my gym class?” he asked me. I guessed my best friend, because she had talked to me about it the day before. He said, “no. your other boyfriend!” in his most disgusted tone. I didnt understand until I remembered you. I secretly laughed to myself because later on, I heard from my best friend that he tried to outrun you or outperform you as much as possible.

    This January, before I dumped my asshole of a boyfriend, we started talking again, after fate intercepted and put you in the same lunch as me. You picked on me relentlessly and I usually just responded to you with a “fuck you” or me flipping you the bird. My reactions always made you laugh. I think you purposely picked on me for those reactions. I started letting my guard down, as we became good friends again, picking up from where we left off last summer. We started texting and realized I had been wrong in disliking you.

    February rolled around and my relationship went down the toilet. You were right there for me, the whole time. Listening to me cry and complain about how terrible my ex was, how he called me a cockblock when I confronted him about dating my friend five days after we broke up, and we shared a dislike for him, making our friendship stronger. I’m sorry that you had to play rugby with him. But in no way am I sorry that you are better at the sport that he put his whole heart into.

    The next month, we started hanging out. I recall the night you asked me to hang out. It was 9:30 when you decided to ask me, and I was so excited. I paced a while until you got to my house, and when you finally got there, you shook my mom’s hand. I think she was just happy that I was hanging out with a new boy that made me that excited. Wanting you to so badly at the end of the night after I walked you out, I asked you, “are you going to kiss me or not?”. You did.

    We hung out more that month, making out like crazy. I liked you so much, but your best friend had told me to be careful, you didn’t want a girlfriend. I went on spring break with two of my friends, while you stayed home. I gave you an ultimatum the night I left. I told you that if you weren’t going to want a relationship with me, we could still hang out, but there would be no more hand holding at school or kissing. You told me that you were scared for me to go off to college, but the more that you thought about it, you wanted to date me.

    We texted like crazy that week, but I was scared to make another commitment, so soon after my ex and I had broken up. I had my doubts at first, honestly. I never told you that. My best guy friend and I were wondering if we had feelings for eachother. As the week went on and we talked more, I realized I didn’t have feelings for my best guy friend, but only for you. I came home and you got to my house five minutes after I did. And asked me out the next day.

    That was about three months ago. I have never been so happy in my life to know you so well, to love you so completely, and be loved by you so completely.

    Everyday with you is the best day of my life. Today was perfect. Cuddling on the couch, watching The Notebook made me think about us together in the future. Made me think of our past, and how we met. My parents love you. Your parents love me. Its right, babe. I love you and you love me. Who cares that we’re young? We don’t. Our parents don’t. They see how happy we are together and know that we’ll get married someday, have three kids and a big dog.

    You’re perfect. I thank God for you everyday. When you got in an accident the other night, I cried. Not because if I were in the car, I would’ve been injured or worse, but because of if the car had only gone 180 degrees instead of 360, you could’ve died. I love that your mom took the phone from you and told me that she was so happy I wasn’t in the car and that you were okay. I love that tonight, your dad pulled me into a hug and told me that he was happy I wasn’t in the car with you. I laughed when you walked into my house yesterday and my mom yelled at you for being stupid, when i ran up and hugged you.

    We fit. Everything is right when I’m with you. I’ll follow you anywhere, babe. I love you.

    Love, T.

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