• No regrets.

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    Prom Night. After Prom. Red walls. All Ages Venue. Electro-Trance Music. Disco Ball in the air. Slightly tipsy. Bad dancing, but dancing nonetheless. Back and forth steps. He fell over. Took him outside on the curb. Went back in. Short dancer. Told me I was awesome. I told him he was awesome. He went away. Mostly everyone went outside. Two other couples of friends left on the dance floor. Glasses off. Too humid. Too hot. Eyes closed. Tall, blonde cutie in the corner. Approaches my vicinity. We dance around each other. For ten minutes. Can’t remember who initiated. Start grinding. He carries most of my weight. He spins me a couple of times. Nibbles on my left ear. I allow it. Hands go lower on my back. I allow it. Tries to aim for my lips. Dodge him three times. Unsure of where I was headed. I never kissed anyone before. What if he had herpes? He was a stranger after all, a cute one though. He kisses my left eyelid. Done deal sealed. My head gradually gravitates up. And he kisses me. Not too forcefully, but still with control. French. Slight stubble, but I didn’t mind. I lean my head against his chest. My insecurities all pass away. Nobody has ever told me they found me attractive or ever liked anything about me. This was intense flattery. I felt grateful that people would be willing to do anything sexual with me. Regardless, it was time to go. I cup his face, whisper I have to go, and kiss him on his cheek.

    I don’t regret a thing. Instead this is a thank you for letting me feel special in a world where every single male figure has made this girl feel like she is worth nothing.

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