• No matter what.

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    You’re the person I sleep beside at night.
    The person I wake up beside in the morning.
    You laugh at my jokes.
    You laugh at me when I laugh at my own jokes.
    You make me laugh.
    You make me cry.
    We fight over which movies to watch and which hockey teams we cheer for.
    Our friends call us an old married couple.
    You won’t let me get a hedgehog.
    You get mad because I love halo reach more than you sometimes.
    You’re the one who bought halo reach for me.
    You’re just upset because I’m a Field Marshall and you’re only a Commander.
    You don’t clean up after yourself.
    Your car sucks.
    Your legs are too long for your body.
    I feel like a midget next to you.
    Your hugs are my favorite.
    You’re my best friend.
    We’ve been together for two years.
    I love everything about you.
    I wouldn’t change a thing.
    You’re my soulmate.
    Forever and always.

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