• Mr.Pretender

    by  • June 26, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Betrayal • 0 Comments

    Dearest K,

    I asked for nothing of you other than you not break my heart. I begged that you not come close unless you had a heart with which you could use to love me like i know i deserved to be loved. You made a promise, begged for a chance to be loved by me ( or have love made to you by me, but i didnt know this at the time), you cried about being hurt before, blah, blah, i’ll give you this much, Pretender you had me fooled for sometime. I accepted your families life style, and my family welcomed you with open arms, they thought you loved me too, hah, you played up the bit about your mom and how much you miss her and want to make her proud. Well budd you disgraced her if she was a half decent person, i don’t know how anyone could be proud of scum such as yourself. all those car rides and late talks, meant nothing, the love making was good only because you frequented practicing with dirty skanks. you were right you never ever deserved me, i don’t know what i was thinking when i lowered my standards so low to you. I do not miss you, thankgod, the boy i loved so very much died the day i met the real you. You are an insecure little boy, preying on others feelings, so ashamed of yourself, your heart froze. You told my mother you appreciated her as a mother, ha, sniffing her panties, you’re pathetic. you lied and hurt my family, and for that i hate you. You used and abused us, you knew how much you were cared for. You faked tears, held me in your arms and promised to protect me, you are no man. Go tell your lies and use the people around, pretend, put on your nice mask and play your game, because no matter how much you take you will never be happy.

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