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    Dear boyfriend,

    Maybe someday you’ll really understand how much I love you. Then you can stop hating all the guys that spend time around me, every time I go to a party, and every time I spend most of the day without talking to you. I know you say you’re okay with it, and I know you say it’s getting better, but I know it still bothers you.

    I just need to ability to be myself. I need the freedom to know I’m still my own person with you. I’ve seen the other couples who become consumed with each other. They let all their friends drift away and they never do anything they used to love. They lose touch with everything about themselves and become some new entity that isn’t whole without the other. I love being with you and doing things with you but I need to know I’m still happy alone.

    Of course, relationships aren’t about one person. I can make some changes to make things easier for you. I don’t want you to worry. Doubts could lead to a lack of trust and we can’t do long distance if you don’t trust me. It’ll take effort from us both but we’ll mange.

    Yours sincerely.

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