• It was just one real kiss

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    Dear Chris,

    Last night was fulfilling my goal, my summer goal of kissing you. We’ve been friends for awhile now, heck, I’ve even dated your friend and teammate. Sure, I’ve always wanted to kiss you but the opportunity never came up and we never hang out, so I forgot about it.

    Last night we went to the same party, as we do almost every other weekend. I don’t know what made this night different. When you arrived you had your arm around me within minutes and kissed the top of my head. I’d never even seen this side of you and I loved it.

    A couple shots later I was sitting on your lap smoking hookah when our friend told us to shotgun, which is to take a hit, kiss someone and blow the smoke into their mouth. I thought it was a joke, nothing you would have gone for, but before I knew it your lips were on mine. I loved it, I wanted it, I wanted you.

    We kept “kissing” but never made out, about 5 minutes later I had to leave the party to make curfew. We were alone by the side of the house. We kissed for one second, no tongue, just our perfect lips for a single perfect moment in time. I don’t even know who went in first and it didn’t seem like we cared.

    Then today I called you, then texted you. I know you don’t answer your phone, but come on Chris. I’m dying here! I wanna know what is going through your head. I wanna know if you think last night was a perfect mistake or something that you wanted to do all through the night.

    I’d be fine if you just wanted to chill, maybe put your arm around me or something. I just have to know what is going on. I can’t take this not knowing. I leave this week and I can’t be thinking about you for the next month. Just tell me what you think, feel and want.

    Always your friend,

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