• Dear Love

    by  • June 26, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    We’ve been together for a little over two years. At first I was head over heels for you, you were everything my boyfriend at the time was not, you listened to me, you cared about my feelings, you were charming, handsome, and everytime you talked I swooned, you were exactly what I wanted in a man. And I was so happy you liked me back!

    But soon afterwards i dodged your advances, unsure if i wanted to leave my boyfriend for you, you begged me to remember how happy you made me, you wanted a chance for my love so bad. Finally I broke up with that douchebag and came running into your arms. You were and are the best lover in this universe, you make me feel so comfortable in your arms, I love your sweet kisses and love, I love cuddling with you and when you nuzzle your nose behind my ear, darling, I love staying up late talking and laughing about family and whatever other nonsense. I feel like we were meant to share this life together, i would do anything for you. You are the most brilliant, intelligent, well spoken human being. But at the same time you are so goofy and fun, I’m totally at ease with you. I’m me with you 🙂 my love, i would spend my life with you.
    But times are hard, money is winning over love here, and maybe you’ve lost affection for me, I can see it when we talk. You became distant, you’re bitter towards me, and it all was a mystery until last night. You told me you were so far behind in bills you might have to move home (8 hours away), which would ruin us. But besides the hard fact that there was nothing you could do about the money, the way you delivered the news was a blow to my stomach, like it was casual everyday conversation for you, a meaningless topic. It broke my heart, all my fears became valid, somewhere, sometime as I was falling deeply in love with you, you were falling out of love with me

    That day at the river when we went together last week, I remember watching you lying next to me, soaking in the sun, and I thought to myself ‘how can i love someone so entirely?’ I love you now more than I’ve loved anyone. Ever. And I don’t want to lose you, it would be the greatest tragedy of my life, please don’t give up on us baby…

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