• Dear Daddy With Issues

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    Dear asshole of a dad,

    You left. Big deal. Broken homes are common in today’s society. Why couldn’t you just leave it at that? This was the first Christmas I didn’t miss you. Sure, it may of been because it was the first Christmas away from the family, and I was too busy missing them. Never the less, you didn’t even cross my mind. I was finally over you!! Why did you have to give me hope again?

    “Hey Pumpkin,…Wow your voice has changed…Do you want to come visit?…No I haven’t talked to the boys…It was great talking to you too…I love you…Talk to you later.”

    Those five days of hearing from you were awesome. Asshole. It’s now been a month. So, three years go by, call me, and then get bored and “leave” again. Fuck you. You broke my heart all over again. For the majority of my young life all I tried to do is please you. You were a dick, you were abusive, you drank to much, and you were a drag to be around, but I still loved you. I should of never gave you the time of day this second time around.

    Just so you know, I’m a pretty bad ass daughter. You’re missing out on a lot. Oh, and your sons, god, they’re just great. K*** just turned sixteen and he already bought his own bike. He’s an amazing kid. He wants to be a diesel mechanic. He says he’s too busy to have a girlfriend right now. He’s had tons though. G*** is pretty amazing too. He annoys the hell out of me, but he can be a sweetheart like no other. He’s twelve now. Cutest little thing. You’re missing out on a ton.

    You’ll never know when I get married, you’ll never know when I have children, and you’ll never be a part of my life again. I wish I could speak for the boys as well, but I can’t do that. Do know that if you ever break their hearts again, I will burn you to the fucking ground.

    I will always want you in my life, but I will never let that happen again. Please understand that you’re no longer “dad” to me.

    Your “ex”-Daughter

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