• because of who…

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    Is it because of you?
    I couldn’t possibly place the blame,
    though it’s something I might do,
    simply ‘cuz of shame.

    You left me when I needed you,
    Came back once I had fixed it.
    Apologized for being a douche (which was true)
    and, of course, I accepted.

    But you still don’t know,
    why I forgave you.
    It’s because I love you,
    and for you it’s al platonic.

    After us, you’ve had fling
    after fling
    after meaningless fling.

    Now you’re with Becca,
    And I know you’re great at breaking hearts,
    you broke mine in more than 2,
    please don’t break hers.

    I only want your happiness,
    which is partially a lie,
    I also want you back,
    that is complete truth.

    Ask any of my 3 best friends…
    who aren’t you?

    I don’t even know if I can handle considering you a best friend……..
    Best friends don’t break hearts….
    Best friends do apologize though when they make mistakes.
    What do I do with you?

    I simply don’t know anymore.
    as Adele stated beautifully:
    “I can’t keep up with your turning tables.”
    I just want you to be with me….

    I love you E,


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