• A letter that will be sent, a final farewell

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    Dear C,

    I’m sorry I stormed out of your party. It was immature and I should have handled it differently.
    This is to explain everything.
    I feel as though you treat me as an ex-girlfriend, not a life-long friend. You ignore me when you date someone else and it leads me to believe that either she can’t trust you, you don’t trust me or you don’t trust yourself to be around me. The former two are seriously out of line and the latter would lead to more questions. Do you treat all your former girlfriends like this, or am I an exception. You’re still best friends with Chelsea, why am I any different?
    I went to college and we barely spoke. I moved on from high school, made new friends, mildly dates and was, for the most part, happy. But I missed talking to you and seeing you on a regular basis. I still considered you one of my best friends. So it floored me when I went to your party and received the same treatment. That’s why I left. After nine months of minimal conversations I half expected you to be mildly interested in my first year of college. But it seemed you had time for everyone else at the party but me. I talked to Colten’s girlfriend and your neighbors more than you. You didn’t even have the decency to introduce me to Lindsey.
    But that’s behind us, I’m not mad, but I am done. This is my final farewell. You don’t have to pretend to be my friend anymore. No more forced get togethers, obnoxious texts or having to put up with me. I will always love you, kid, but I can’t be your friend anymore.
    Good luck at FSU and take care of yourself.


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