• Why do you do this to yourself?!

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    Why do you keep lying to me? You promise me that you won’t put yourself through this again. You aren’t happy with her! Sure you guys share good times but you argue more than you get along.

    You talked to me for hours about how you were just waiting for the chance and you were going to go out with other girls. There are so many girls that wish they were yours. They want just some of your attention! So why do you torture yourself?!
    You have told me time after time that you are done with her and the last time I actually believed you!! What was I thinking? Both you and her are my friends and I hate seeing you guys in pain. I know you probably love each other but sometimes because of love you have to let go. If you really love each other then you would want what is best for each other. And what is best is to let each other go. She is leaving in a couple months and I hope for both of you that this relationship ends. Your friends and family want what is best for you two and we know that is hard for you. Because you are in the middle of this relationship it is hard for you to see what is going on, but please, please, please trust me and everyone else who loves you when we say that this isn’t healthy! Get out of this trap you are in and you and her will be a lot happier, and everyone else will be happier also.

    Love always,
    a concerned friend

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