• Thank you

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    To my past boyfriends and current lover:
    Thank you.
    You may not even realize it, but you’ve all saved me in one way or another.

    Boyfriend 1: You saved me from the school and life I hated. You made my days bearable and showed me that I was truly worth something. As a sophomore in high school who had never even been asked to a dance, you gave me hope that I really could find someone. You were someone that I could trust and rely on. You taught me so much about myself that I didn’t even know. I treated you badly, was rude and cheated. But you showed me true forgiveness throughout it all. Even more staggering, you comforted me and were supportive as I dealt with the abuse in my home. Even now, years later, I know you saved me from breaking down, feeling hopeless and lashing out. Thank you, for the letters you wrote me, the Dr. Peppers that you brought me and all the love you showed me.

    Boyfriend 2: You were my shortest relationship, but you saved me too. You helped me keep my sanity through so many stresses my senior year and you were always there for me. You were always gentle and willing to listen, giving me support at church and encouraging me in my faith. Thank you, for being so understanding and showing me unconditional support.

    Boyfriend 3, my current lover: You have no idea, but you literally saved my life. The night before I met you, I attempted suicide. I took as many pills as I could find in my house and just prayed I wouldn’t wake up in the morning. After waking up the next day, I resolved to try again that night and make sure I was successful. But then I met you. Sitting next to me at the Christmas party in your tacky sweater, playing cards and watching Katy Perry videos, kissing my forehead before you left, you gave me a reason to live. It’s been six months now and I don’t know if we’ll last through college, but I hope we do. Maybe someday I’ll tell you how you saved me, I hope you understand.

    Thank you, all of you. Though our relationships may not have been perfect, you’ve each saved me from others and from myself.

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