• Remember when?

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    Remember when, in sixth grade, we sat across from each other in history class? I remember. Remember when our friends set us up for valentine’s day that year, only because you wanted a “girlfriend.” I remember, I liked someone else anyway, it’s okay. After we “broke up,” it was pretty awkward. We stopped talking, and I was okay with that. The next year, in seventh grade, we became friends again. Remember when, in June of that year, we were talking and we admitted our feelings? Yeah, I remember. We kept talking, and there were good times in our friendship, and hard times. In eighth grade, it got bad, and I started liking someone else. Remember when I said I couldn’t do it? I thought it was true, I could have. Remember when we started talking again, it was great. You got a girlfriend, it was okay. In November of freshman year, remember when you told me you loved me? I don’t remember being so happy, except for that moment. We knew we couldn’t be exclusive, there were other people, but we always were talking. At the end of freshman year, things got heavy. Remember when you got sick? I remember like it was yesterday. You said you loved me so many times, and I felt safe, even though you were so far away, and so sick. You had surgery, and got better. But something was different. You stopped talking to me. We started arguing, something we didn’t do much. We had changed too much, but you refused to talk to me anymore. Remember when I told you I think you’re too scared, that’s why you don’t love me? It’s okay, even though I think you are scared, now, I think its because it hurts to much to accept the fact you just don’t love me.

    So I understand now, and I’m sad this has to end like this, but I now realize that nothing can be done for us.

    Just know, you were my first love, and I will never, ever forget you.

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