• Musically Challenged.

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    Dear You,

    Here we are again. In this fucking tango of unknown tension.

    I don’t know how to tell you. Maybe if I described it in terms you understood.

    We are both apart of a bigger symphony. We are both notes tangled in music that people interpret in their own ways determined to find the notes apart of the cadence of love. We are a part of something like that but you are so oblivious that while I’m on a treble cleft you are convinced you are on the bass cleft. For christ sake you talk to me more than anyone, you told me how much you cared about me and I have reciprocated yet you don’t get it.

    I know you had a really horrible past relationship. I get it because guess what, I have only had extremely bad ones that I went into for the wrong reasons and I finally find you, someone that isn’t like those past songs, but a different beat.

    When I met you, it was like someone discovering Beethoven…yes it’s so cliche but when you hear his work, and know he was deaf yet could make something so beautiful and amazing how can you not be touched or changed by it? His music is so complex, heart wrenching, and when you listen to it, your soul almost sours with the notes, making you ignore and forget classical music that is so reserved and void of real emotion.

    That’s what you do to me. You changed me from a simple note into an entire sonata.

    I just wish I can do the same or realize that I can change you from a cursed 8th symphony into a work of art.

    In some sense, I hope you read this thinking this is some sad girl trying to reach out to a boy with a love of music as much as you. Maybe you’ll even show it to me saying, “Look at this poor girl!” And I’ll probably just sit there and read my own work depressed that you can’t read between the lines and realize it’s to you.


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