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    Words simply can’t express how I feel about you. My parents once told me that when you meet the person who you are meant to be with, you’ll KNOW. My love, I know. I knew that very first night when we had just met, but we were never strangers. You were already my best friend, already my lover, and you hadn’t even kissed me yet. You were the one to pull me out of the darkest place I’ve been, the one to rescue me from pain again. You came at the most ironic and perfect of times. You show me what it means to love, and be loved. I thought I knew before, but I didn’t. Being with you makes me realize why every other relationship was wrong. Being with you has changed me for the better in every area of my life. No one else has held that position so strongly in my life.

    Can you keep a secret? When Tyler broke my heart, everyone told me that I would find the right guy eventually. My head believed them, but my heart didn’t. Inside, I laughed at God. I doubted that there was someone out there who not only was all I needed in someone, but someone who wanted me just as much as I, them. I dared God. He has a funny sense of humor, because you came into my life the very next day. With everyone else, I’ve had my doubts. With you, I’ve had none. I know where I’m supposed to be now. Now, I know who I’m supposed to be. I never would ever guess that someone as perfect as you would want me. I feel so undeserving of you or your beautiful love. You are everything…everything I could’ve ever possibly asked for or wanted and even more. I truly don’t deserve you, my dear.

    I’ve always had my fears. I’m afraid of being locked in a bathroom, I’m afraid of non-motorized watercraft, and I’m afraid that you’re going to leave and I’ll be alone again. My insecurities can get tedious, I understand. Just don’t leave, please. I don’t know who I’d be without you. I can’t imagine another second of my life without you. Be mine? Be my boyfriend, my fiancee, and be my husband. Be my rock. I need you.

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