• Letter to the blind

    by  • June 25, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Thoughts • 0 Comments

    Dearest Blind Man,

    Do you know me? That little, brown eyed girl. The one in passing, doing her damnedest just to make you happy but she’s some cold side dish on a back burner in a kitchen you never use. Do you see her? Crying on someone else’s bathroom floor. Pack up and gone again. Stability is a hard thing to find when nothing ever turns out right. She quietly waits, on the inside she’s screaming. Just hear me. I’m tired of leaving. I want a place that’s mine. I want a home. I want a family that’s mine, love and support because I need it now. Funny how I ended up here by caring more about helping others than myself. Now, I’m left. I tried to get back into college but I owe money that I can not pay and every attempt just seems to fail. And I’m still looking for jobs, but this place is impossible and I can’t afford its cost. There’s nothing for me there in that place I once knew. I realize now though, there’s nothing for me here. And love seems hopeless these days, but having hope in the ‘one day’ is the only thing that keeps me going. In a few years, I’m off to fight my country’s war. Time isn’t passing quickly enough, I just need that day to come. Some purpose to keep my pride. At this point though, how do I keep myself alive? You ask and ask of me, things you know I can not give but I give everything I can. You simply complain, it isn’t enough. And I’m alone again. I’ve nothing to offer but I keep trying. When will I see that day when everything is finally ok again?

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