• Just another player

    by  • June 25, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    I really thought you were the one. From the moment I saw you. The way you walk, talk, live, just pulls me closer to you. I know it’s bad to love you, but I can’t help it. Everyone tells me what a dick you are, and how you just want to “get it in”. I have tried for over a year to get over you, and for short periods of time I can, but the moment I see you again I fall for you again. the worst thing is, is that the whole time you knew I liked you, and what did you do. Flirt with me and lead me on. The moment I thought you liked me you’d go and hookup with my best friend. Whenever I get a text I will prepare myself for it being someone else, but deep down I’m wishing it’s you. My friends say it’s unhealthy, that it’s no use, he’s just a player. I know that’s true but I keep hoping you’ll change into this perfect guy I see you as, in my dreams. Well guess what I’m Fucking done with you. There are so many other guys in the world, and most of them are better guys than you. What am I saying I’m still going to hyperventilate when I see you, my heart will still beat faster when you text me, and I’ll youll still have my heart on a string.

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