• I Remember.

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    I remember the day we met, at my friend’s show at my high school. I wasn’t initially attracted to you but your charm is what got me.

    I remember convincing my friends to invite you over at any opportunity, and I remember you taking the train to see me every weekend.

    I remember when we both started raving, and how we would dance in perfect unison and I would never get bored or want to leave you.

    I remember going to Heidi’s pies and getting a hotel room in San Mateo so we could stay out at all hours together.

    I remember going to the park and sleeping in my car and waking up to a cop knocking at our window at 6AM and how Megan took the booze the night before so we didn’t get in trouble.

    I remember you showing me your music, and progressively you would show me more as you felt more comfortable with me.

    I remember when you broke my wish bracelet because you knew I had wished for us to start going out.

    I remember staying at Stuart’s house for a week, and how much fun we had hanging out just the two of us.

    I remember the childish voice you would use around me.

    I remember you used to laugh at the most insignificant things, and it made me happy.

    I remember going to Disneyland with you, and even though we fought a lot we still pulled through for each other and made the trip fun.

    I remember staying at your house, and getting to know your family. I remember your sister who called me her best friend.

    I remember going to Fry’s, that was your favorite place to go.

    I remember when you used to tell me “Forever”.

    I remember when you would tell me you would never treat me like the other girls.

    I also remember when I found out you had a girlfriend for the first few months of our relationship.

    I remember you kissed your other friend Danielle a day before you asked me out.

    I remember after about six months you stopped wanting to go out and do things with me.

    I remember paying for myself, always. And usually paying for you.

    I remember letting you use my car for a year even though you didn’t have a license, and how you would call people and drive even though you knew I didn’t want you to.

    I remember letting you use my PS3 and regretting it because you would ignore me and play games all day.

    I remember you doubting trust in me because I went away to college.

    I remember you never wanting me to see my friends.

    I remember you yelling at me about you not being able to see your friends toward the end of our relationship.

    I also remember you leaving me for your friend. The one you said you would never go for, the one I shouldn’t worry about.

    I remember you hiding your new relationship on facebook.

    I remember you deleting my posts on your facebook wall.

    I remember wishing you would fight for me when I broke up with you, but now I know why you didn’t.

    I remember you not sending a thank you for your birthday gift.

    As much as I want to remember being happy with you, as much as I want to idealize you and make myself think that you were the best guy in the world, if I actually believed that I would be selling myself short.


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