• Hey Remember me?

    by  • June 25, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, The Ex • 0 Comments

    The girl that loves you?
    You know, the girl you thought you loved but didn’t so you decided to date another girl closer and older who actually kicked your heart in the ass like you did to mine?
    Do you realize I’m still here?
    Oh yeah, of course you do.
    Because you still talk to me.
    So at least you know I exist.
    That’s good I guess.

    You know you act so..
    How should I say this?

    You know you’re actually not as mature as I may think, now that I think about it.
    And hey look at that!
    You’re three years older than me.
    Hmm. Weird.
    Why is that weird?
    Well, Let’s think.

    You’re single.
    I love you.
    You’re depressed because no one wants you-
    Whoa whoa whoa.
    Did you say NO ONE?
    Hmm. Because I’m pretty sure I am someone.
    I want you.
    Oh but wait!
    Facebook can’t know that.
    And even when I try and cheer you up,
    Tell you someone else is out there for you,
    You don’t listen.
    You’re one big bag of confusion, sweetie.

    I’m trying figure you out,
    Help you.
    But it’s almost like you deny it.
    You know,
    Maybe you’re just afraid of getting hurt again,
    That’s understandable.
    But hurt by me?
    You yourself said you’d NEVER fall for me.
    But wait a second..

    You can’t predict that.
    You haven’t seen me since you loved me.
    So really,
    You met me and, in a nutshell, fell “in love” with me.
    But you were wrong!

    You “forgot what it felt like”
    But you still haven’t seen me since then,
    There’s no doubt you’d feel something again.
    It’s natural.
    Maybe THAT’S what you’re afraid of.
    Falling for me again.
    Seems possible right?

    Maybe you can’t handle more long distance issues.
    You do have a problems with falling for Hannah’s that live too far away.
    It’s happened twice with two different Hannah’s!

    You know,
    I started out with this letter, not sure of what’s going on in your head, but, I think I understand now.

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