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    Storm clouds rolling in
    The wind is picking up
    I swallow pain closing my eyes
    No storm compares to cluttered emotions
    I stand straight to face the hurricane
    Yet crumble at my feelings
    So utterly lost in this confusion
    I know how I should
    I can not fight against it though
    Twisted mind pollution of purity
    All of your words all at once
    Perfection in contradiction
    Beautiful composition in indecision
    Which to believe should not be a choice
    Longing for your love and touch
    Smears objectivity from need
    Air so thick only a knife gets through
    Breath of reality fighting destiny’s questions
    What is what what’s up what’s down
    What’s left what’s right
    What’s right what’s wrong
    Where does it begin and where does it end
    There is no end
    There is no beginning
    Full circles in eternal confusion
    The only reason for living to learn
    Failing to realize what those lessons are
    Love compartmentalized into society
    Fitting individual needs of desire
    Hopeless faith faceless gone
    Life transcending into various dimensions
    Flying in space between the universes
    I actually want to fall and be
    Somewhere at rest
    Letting my soul escape into nothing


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