• Dear boy.

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    Dear boy,

    You are perfect. You’re funny, sensitive, caring, and you’re definitely the most sincere guy any girl can find…and I’m in love with you. Hopelessly in love, to be honest. Whenever you’re anywhere near me, all of my senses would become more than alive, I can’t breathe normally and I swear that I could always feel that “foolish grin” on my face. Only you can make me behave like that. Only you, dear boy.

    And just when I thought “we” could happen, you told me about your crush on my friend. You told me how beautiful you think she is, and how you would ask her on a date, how amazing it would be if she said “yes” when you ask her out. That pair of shining eyes that can only follow her, that “foolish grin” that I can always find on your face when she’s anywhere near you. Only she can make you behave like that. She’s the only one, dear boy.

    It’s really painful to be in such a situation, don’t you think? But of course, she might have already thought of you as a man. Maybe as “The One” like I do. Then the both of you will have a happy ending together, you deserve it, dear boy.

    I wish the best for the both of you, of course. Nothing but the best, dear boy.

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