• You rock!

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    My dear friend,

    We met in work training. It was just you and me. I was a high school senior. You were a 20-something Iraq veteran. You thought I was 15. I thought you were 22. We both underestimated!

    It sounds horrible, but when I first met you, I thought you were kind of ugly. Then we started work, and you started treating me like a little sister. And then I saw you aren’t ugly at all… you’re one of the most beautiful people alive.

    We had fantastic discussions about books, theology, and ethics. The night you were depressed, I tried so hard to cheer you up. I went home that night not knowing if I made a difference, and I was sad for you. But you cheered right up, and the next day, we both laughed when I was clumsy.

    I graduated from high school. You told me you were proud of me, and said to never do less than my best at anything. You’ve told me stories about your past, then said “Don’t do what I did. You’re better than that.”

    I think you rock! When I mentioned your name once too many times, my friend said “You’ve got a serious crush on that guy.” But the funny thing is… I don’t. I simply rejoice in having a friend who has never stabbed me in the back, given me bad advice, or said an unkind thing to me.

    When I go to college, I’ll miss your wisdom, big brother I never had. Now I praise Facebook (can you believe it?) because we won’t lose touch thanks to it.

    Don’t ever doubt YOURSELF, my dear friend. I don’t think you realize how many people admire you. And who knows? I’ll bet you’ve changed more lives than mine. Thank you!

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