• why did I deserve your silence?

    by  • June 24, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Betrayal • 0 Comments

    Days of silence, not completely though, only silence to me. I heard from others that you responded to. It was bitter sweet when I did, sweet because I knew you were ok. Bitter because It was true, you didn’t want to talk to me. Worse still because every person I asked if they had talked to you no matter if they did or hadn’t would always follow up their response with the same question, the one I feared the most, “why? Hasn’t he called you?” And even though it was so hard to tell the truth I would have felt even more pathetic if i had lied about it so I would say it “no he hasn’t”. I hope you never have to feel how hard it is to say that. Then they would ask if I had called you, again I would tell the truth, yes I had. They always looked at me the same with that sadness in their eyes as if they were saying Poor you, why do you let him treat you this way. I hated that look so much.

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