• Why?

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    I’ve never had the courage to ask you why?
    I suppose it’s because I have absolutely no backbone. Which is just another negative aspect I possess.
    Back to the subject.
    I’ve never had the courage to ask you why?
    Why out of every other single amazing girl you know, why did you pick me?
    Why do you think I’m all of these grandly fascinating things that I, honestly, am definitely not.
    How can someone so abundantly kind, sweet, passionate, condsiderate, generous, loving, intelligent, clever, witty, funny, extraordinary, handsome, and so completely out of my league ever, even have a smidgen of desire to even be with me at all?
    I am so completely inadequate.
    I am so completely undeserving.
    I am so completely confused.
    But you want to know the most horrid thing out of everything?
    The fact that, though, I am plague by these questions…I will never, ever ask you any them.
    Because I am completely terrified that if I ask you “why?” you’ll realize that you lack a proper answer to that question. I am afraid that by asking you “why?” you’ll not know the answer. I am afraid that by asking “why?” you’ll realize what you should have realize long ago…that I am completely inadequate and you’ll leave me.
    So. In conclusion, what happens to be holding me back from asking you “why?” is the supremely collasional nail in my coffin of undeservance.

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    1. Not Everything
      June 25, 2011 at 8:25 am

      A legitimate fear in some cases, but I would encourage you to ask! I have in my relationship, and it was one of the best talks we’ve ever had. When she finally did, it was again an excellent talk. If they’re with you, it’s because they want to be. Ask!

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