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    I’ve never understood why you love me. Why you were so hopelessly in love with me. What attracted you to me. Why you loved me even when it was over. Why you love me now, though I have since moved on. I love you as well, I always will. But I will never understand why you love me. I suppose that’s the way of the world, isn’t it? The world presents us with people to love us, we don’t need to know why. But we want to know why. I asked over and over, “why me? Why do you love me?” but in vain. Again, I suppose the world is like that. Explaining why we love someone isn’t possible, is it? I have so many, many flaws. I’m needy, selfish, mildly depressed, have anxiety problems, and jealous. It can’t be for all those flaws that you loved me. Love in spite of those things, maybe. I want to know. But I am afraid that if I do know the true reason, my hopes will raise once more. And I will be let down once more. I’m so very afraid to let that happen to myself again. You are my best friend and my rock, despite everything we have been through. Every argument, every tear, everything. I know I hold a place in your heart, as you will always hold a place in mine.

    I love you forever.

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