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    If time existed, I would miss you every single second. Remember all our conversations. Remember every time I saw you smile. If time existed, I would be reminded that you went away to fulfill your dream while I was left behind with only a goodbye, see you in a while. If time existed that would hurt. If time existed, a day would feel like a month and a week like ten years. But it doesn’t.
    Time does not exist.
    It never did.
    Because the only time I feel time
    It is flying away from me with every tic of the clock and every moment now your name won’t be there and those words will come back to haunt me.
    Goodbye. See you in a while.
    Time is only real while I am talking to you.
    Time is never enough when I’m talking to you.
    Times is only half an hour, maybe forty five minutes every saturday.
    The rest is just in-between.
    While I go on with my life, doing what I do every day so that when you come back it will feel like you never left
    Time does not exist, love
    It will start when you come back
    And I will be waiting

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    1. Lonely in Dallas
      June 24, 2011 at 10:08 pm

      Love cures everything…

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