• Realization on Lovers

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    Some have a great and terrible love.
    And the bad hurts unbearably but the good times are untouchable by anyone else.
    And in such loves, two people will hurt each other. They damage one another and then cling to one another to heal. And become more and more entwined. They become part of each other and love the good and the bad parts of one another entirely.
    And sometimes it’s too much. Or something goes wrong. Or the world gets in the way. And they break.
    They become the damaged.
    And so they try and move on. They find other people, and they love them. But not in the same way.
    It is nothing against the new person, but it simply cannot love them the same way because they are too damaged to seek out more possible damage.
    Hence the safe people. The ones that just “make them happy.” And the safes love the damaged, and the damaged loved the safes. But the damaged can never give the safehappys their full heart. They will always see them compared to their previous great and terrible untouchable love.
    Sometimes the safehappys try to heal the damaged. And though they can keep them happy, they will never get in return what the damaged once had with another.
    I can’t be your safety. I need more.

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