• Knowledge of an In [between] Girl

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    To in-between people,

    Welcome to the club. It isn’t very glamorous, being that filler body, the warm and sympathetic soul who opens themselves to recently detached person. The commitment they put into their relationship with another person is what you often desired, or maybe you just want to jump their bones. Either way, we seek out these less than solid, emotionally off-kilter, people… Because for the life of us, we couldn’t shake our attraction to them, even if they shook us off. Shook us away, but just close enough to call on when they needed reassurance that they are magnificent and fantastic.

    We are those people. Are you not? We can have many names: rebound, tramp, ditz, piece of ass/muscle/dick, play thing, fuck friend, booty call, but my personal favorite is, “That person? Oh, their just a friend, no one special.” And those are what we can be called to our face. The list of other names are spoken in hushed whispers by friends of the detached individual, backstabbers, family, strangers, people sometimes you haven’t spoken to in years.

    See how the glamor fades, a bit? But take my word for it. Or maybe you should. See as a member, I know the benefits. Primarily: YOU ARE FINALLY WITH THEM. I mean, shit! How long have you been craving them? Weeks, months, years? Trust me, that initial shot of happiness only builds when they “finally see you were there all along”. They saw you, but you weren’t what they wanted, since you weren’t tagged in the Facebook “X is in a relationship with NOT YOU”. But that doesn’t matter now, since they want you. Congrats, you can put down the Ben&Jerry’s, but keep it nearby, you’ll need it soon.

    As the in-between filler, you have duties to fulfill. Nurse, comforter, friend, ally, the 3am call, and slowly work your body in there. Since you’ve been waiting a while for them, you can’t WAIT to give yourself fully. Yowza! Break out the nice undergarments, bedsheets, and you are free to prowl! Just don’t expect it to be totally fireworks. Whoever they split from had them too, and you might not be confident you’re living up to them.

    Know why? Nerves, excitement, and that deep-seeded need to perform, impress, and simply live up to the ghost of the past relationship. Kind of an unfair deal, ain’t it?

    These deals… they are no good. Look at yourself. You gave everything you had to be that NEXT GREAT MATE. But this isn’t like a gameshow, you can’t just win a spot as their next true love, if they, and quite frankly you, aren’t ready for it. Great love isn’t found in the bed of your beloved, as they sweat sex from their pores, and ask you if they should ask for their old CDs back from what’s-their-face. The image of you finally connecting slowly bursts, shatters like a cleansing rain, as you are purified. Or some shit like that, just don’t get too wrapped up in 90s female power music. But do reconnect with Ben&Jerry for a bit.

    Not too long, but enough to realize everything dumb you just did. Because you are a great person, full of strong, pure, overwhelming love and you deserve to share it with someone who will give it back to you equally.

    So… do you really want a membership? Because truthfully, I’m thinking about getting rid of mine.

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    1. TheXDivineXChild
      July 4, 2011 at 10:37 pm

      Honestly this is one of the best submissions ive read on this site. It is real, it’s from the “other girl” and its completely raw and honest and insightful. its full of wisdom and the experience that is personal and first hand shines through in a way that is bright enough to touch whomever may have stumbled across this. Thank You – you are a good one.

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