• I’m happy where I am.

    by  • June 24, 2011 • School • 0 Comments

    You can stop looking down on me because of my educational/social status now. I get it, I get it: You’re at a university, I’m at a community college. You drink and smoke and go clubbing with strangers, I go to small get-togethers and have movie and gaming marathons with lab partners. You live in a swanky apartment, which your parents are paying for, and I live with my mom and help support the family by working and paying bills. But you know what? I love this. I have met the kindest, wittiest, most charming people at junior college and I think this first step towards a B.A. works for me. I’ll be transferring to a university soon, but it won’t be to the one you’re at. I don’t wanna room with you. To be honest, you’re fucking annoying and you act drunk even when you’re not and it’s kinda disgusting and you’re so dramatic over every little thing and you’ve gotten so fake that it’s almost sad. And I don’t need you constantly talking down on me just because you went to a university right away.

    The pace that I’m going is perfect for me and no one asked for your opinion on my life.

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