• I should have known

    by  • June 24, 2011 • Hatred, Karma • 0 Comments

    I knew who and how you were long before you burned me. I should have known you were not the type of person I should have called friend. We fell out once before and I should have known then and there to drop your ass back on the corner you came crawling in from. And to think I trusted you. You use the term “best friend” too loosely, more like “person who I talk shit about all my other friends to because I think I’m better than everyone including you”. You live your pathetic life wanting people to be jealous of you, sadly enough you actually think anyone cares. Your so-called “friends” are gonna suck you dry just like all the others you talk shit about have done. I love how you used to say you hate drama, but that’s all you were good at doing was creating it, every lie you told and story you weaved, trying to wreck my home, my family I trusted you, and your wicked ass family and you threw my family under the bus, like the scumbags you fucking hyena’s are. Then to think you fucking idiots thought you would actually turn me against the one person who helped me when I wasn’t good enough to be your friend. Moving on is a great feeling, no regret, no remorse, I know this time you brought it on yourself. Jokes on you now, and Karma is making her way back around now. I can finally say fuck you, you deserve everything that’s coming to you. If I could go back and make it to where I never met you, I would. Your mother shoulda fucking swallowed.

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