• Dad. Father. Man I don’t know.

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    You went out of my life years ago and I believe due to court order or my Mom’s hatred towards you. Either way you were out of me and my brother’s lives. Then a year or 2 ago you tried to come back in our lives. We now live states away and I was and still am reluctant to let you back in. My brother did cause he doesn’t remember the fights, the lady you brought home in the middle of the afternoon, the tears streaming from mom’s face, the running to Grandma’s house to escape your drunken self. I don’t remember everything but I know enough to not trust you. And then last summer you made arrangements to have lunch with my brother, and myself, I refused and when you showed up at my Grandparents, you pissed off my Grandpa, and had the guts to say “long time, no see” to me.. well no shit.

    I feel bad about that day you are my Dad. But I now have a step-father who I haven’t always gotten along with and have had terrible fights with but he never has done or will do what you did.

    I still have no clue what to do about you, I want you in my life and give you a second chance, you seem to have turn things around a bit for yourself. But at the same time I want nothing at all to do with you.

    And what happens when it comes to my wedding, you will know of it cause of facebook, but I don’t want you there. But the guilt of me hurting you will eat at me, cause I hate hurting people. But you hurt us too.

    I just don’t think I am ready for a relationship with you. But please don’t screw anything up with my brother, cause you mess with him and you will hear about it from me.

    Sincerely, your lost daughter.

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