• Closet romantic

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    You know when you open up that big closet of yours, and you find old books, clothing and things you’de thought you’d lost years ago? Deep in the back of that old closet, where no light ever touches and the only living things back there are old memories and spiders?

    That’s where my romantic side hides – atleast I think it does..

    Why? Why not share that romantic side, embrace it, treasure it and let it come out and wrap around all the people in my life that I love? Because it’s scary. What if I jynx it? What if I talk about prince charming, the perfect kiss, my dream date? What if I develope these wonderful expectation for my fantasy wedding with the love of my life, our honeymoon and the rest of our perfect life together.. and none of it ever happens? I’de only be setting myself up for disaster and heartbreak. I’ve taught myself to never expect things to happen, because more than likely what you expect, never turns out how you want it.

    So answer me this. Is it wrong to protect myself from fantasy?

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    1. Anonymous
      June 24, 2011 at 2:59 pm

      It’s good to be healthy cautious but not defensive protective. It’s especially good to not be protective with people who wouldnt hurt you and who love you and you love.

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