• Black Sheep

    by  • June 24, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Acceptance • 0 Comments

    Hey Mom and Dad,

    It’s me, your daughter. You know, the one that’s “changed.” The one you “don’t know anymore.” Funny, since I’ve been putting on an act all these years–guess that means you never knew me, eh?

    You think you’ve been living in a nightmare. And I will grant that thinking your daughter is one thing for 21 years and then having that perception shifted within a matter of minutes is heart-wrenching. But it sucks even harder for me; I’m getting this shit from both of you.

    I’m sorry for lying. I really am. But you make it so goddamn easy to lie. I don’t want to get in silly fights with you over silly things. And I guess I’m under the impression that you’re stricter than you really are.

    I’m not sorry for Lisa. I’m sorry that you blame her, and I’m sorry that I didn’t stick up for her. I’m sorry that instead of spending the summer with my girlfriend, I’m across the country, working. As much as I like palm trees, I like my girlfriend a lot more.

    I’m not sorry for my religious beliefs. I’m sorry that you think I’m going to be punished for them. I’m sorry that you think it was your fault I’m so apathetic–and that you’re right.

    There is one thing I’m sorry for, above anything else. I’m sorry for being the black sheep. I always have been.

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