• Believe me.

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    That’s all you have to do baby, believe me.
    I’m not like everyone else.
    I’m not a girl, that’s going to write you a dear Jody letter while you’re away.
    I’ll write you love letters, more often than I do.
    You are amazing, why don’t you see it?
    I know you’ve told me that people don’t tell you that you are amazing, but…you really are.
    I tell you everyday, every time you lay in my bed, every stroke of my pen, and every key of my keyboard. You. Are. Wonderful.
    You have the greenest eyes in the world, they blow me away. I’ve never seen eyes like that, ever.
    I want you to trust me as well.
    I promised you, I’d never leave you,
    And it hurts, when you doubt me, you don’t say you do, because you know it’d hurt me, but I can tell.
    There’s so much shit you’re holding back, and you need to stop doing it. You can tell me your demons, you can tell me your stories, I don’t care how many times I’ve heard them, talk about your favourite movies, your favourite music. I don’t care if my demons are different, my stories are different, my movies or my music is different.
    I’ll listen.
    That’s what love is, baby.
    You’ve told me you’ve never been loved before, and you don’t want any of this preschool shit.
    That’s not what you’re getting. You are getting real, true, down to earth love.
    You are on my mind all the time, for christ sakes I can’t sleep without getting butterflies just thinking of your smile. I’ve never felt that way for anyone, and I can honestly say that and mean it. No one, makes me feel the way you do, no one.
    That’s not some corny fucking pick up line either, nobody in this whole world can make me feel like you.
    I’m not like other girls. I’m so different, and you can see it.
    You see it, and you know it, you love it, just trust it.
    I’m afraid too, I’m afraid that you are going to hurt me, and I’m afraid that I’ve put my trust into this for nothing.
    But my gut, which I’m finally listening to, is telling me that this is something.
    I don’t know how far this will go, and neither do you. You aren’t supposed to know, that takes all the fun out of living.
    This could end next week, or ten years from now. Granted, I hope you’re praying for the latter.
    I doubt I’ll ever explode like this in person to you, because I don’t really want to see the look in your eyes.
    I message you, because I was thinking about you at that exact moment, and I couldn’t resist it.
    I leave my phone on all the time, just in case you happen to call, or text me from a random number.
    You are my world, my universe, my light, my point of reason, my everything, and my entire being.
    That scare’s the living hell out of me, like I’m sure it does to you too.
    But baby, we can help eachother out.
    We can, and we will.
    I love you, I promise.

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